Token system for fuel supply


The Government has decided to implement a token system for filling stations to supply fuel to motorists who are waiting in line for petrol and diesel.

Minister of Power and Energy, Kanchana Wijesekera, said tokens will be given to filling stations only.

He said the programme will begin today (27) and that the assistance of the Police, Army, Navy, and Air Force will be sought to ensure the process runs smoothly.

In an update on the latest developments regarding delayed fuel shipments, the Minister urged people not to queue for fuel because no fuel shipment arrival date has been confirmed.

Speaking to the Media yesterday (26) at the Ministry of Power and Energy, he said four separate Ministrial groups are working on imports of petrol, diesel, crude/furnace oil, and jet fuel. He said the teams are working on over 130 proposals for fuel delivery to Sri Lanka. The Minister also hinted that the queues would last a year and that the next 12 months would be difficult for Sri Lanka in terms of fuel delivery, adding that it may or may not be possible to completely eliminate the fuel queues.

“USD 500 million is an amount that Sri Lanka cannot bear at this time. Thus, consumption will have to be reduced to at least USD 350 million, and a system that prioritises public transportation will be implemented,” he said.

By Thameenah Razeek