Statutory rape cases climb


Statutory rape cases in Sri Lanka, listed as ‘with the consent of the woman’, soared by 281.44 per cent, from 1,016 to 1,377; 2021 over 2020, latest Police statistics showed. The figure in 2020 was 361.

Statutory rape is defined as having sex with an under 16-year-old woman with, or without her consent. The above data is ‘with consent of the victim’.

Consequently, Sri Lanka’s grave crime rate, year on year (YoY) to 2021 increased by 13.87 per cent (4,314) to 35,412; statistics showed. Meanwhile, statutory rape cases without the consent of the woman fell by 4.71 per cent (17) to 344, YoY,
in 2021.

In other crime data, rape of women over 16 years of age declined by 14.67 per cent (44) to 256 in 2021, though murders increased by 12.28 per cent (57) to 521, YoY to 2021.

Meanwhile, the top six grave crime cases in 2021, in descending order in absolute numbers were illicit drugs and narcotics, up 60.90 per cent (4,148) to 10,959 YoY to 2021, housebreaking up 5.25 per cent (3.41 per cent) to 6,840, ‘property’ theft over Rs 25,000, up 17.87 per cent (728) to 4,801; YoY; robbery up 6.01 per cent (129) to 2,277, ‘cheating, misappropriation and criminal breach of trust over Rs 300,000’,  down 23.66 per cent (684) to 2,207 and ‘voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons’, down 6.07 per cent (119) to 1,843; respectively.

By Paneetha Ameresekere