Rabies spike in Haldummulla – PHI


Public Health Inspector of Haldummulla, Jeevana Prasanna, said there is a risk of rabies spreading in Koslanda, Kolongastenna, and Kalipanawela.

He said three schoolchildren who were bitten by a dog in the area were infected with rabies and were admitted to a hospital, while another schoolgirl was bitten by a cat and was referred for treatment.

Two male and two female students from Haldummulla, Kolongastenna Vidyalaya, and Kalipanawela Vidyalaya were hospitalised. The shortage of rabies vaccines in hospitals has also become a service issue, according to health officials.

PHI Prasanna added that the vaccination of stray dogs, which had been halted due to the Covid-19 pandemic, had resumed, and that the programme to vaccinate domestic pets should resume immediately as well.

By P. Jayaratne – Haputale