Parents, public must act responsibly – Jayawickrama


Trincomalee District Secretary P.H.N. Jayawickrama said both parents and the public must act responsibly to ensure child safety.

The District Secretary added that following reports of child abuse in the district, extra care must be taken at the Divisional Secretariat (DS) Division level in regard to the welfare and protection of small children.

According to Jayawickrama, the responsible institutions must collaborate to identify the causes and eliminate them.

He said studies on the welfare and needs of children must be conducted broadly at the DS Division level. “It is the duty of officials to create a conducive environment for children. This way, they can be transformed into patriotic citizens who are willing to make sacrifices for a better tomorrow,” he added.

District Secretary Jayawickrama was alarmed that 430 students in the District had dropped out of school due to poverty and other factors. Steps have been taken to reenrol them in schools as soon as possible.

The District Secretary pointed out that many children in the district don’t have birth certificates and action has been taken to register them expeditiously.

A solution must be found to child labour, domestic violence, narcotic use, and begging in public places carrying a baby, he said.

Special attention will be paid to child nutrition, education, health, and special needs children, the District Secretary added.

By Naalir Jamaldeen