Multi-Channel Connectivity from HNB Assurance


As the country is navigating a challenging recovery, with much uncertainty and limitations ahead, HNB Assurance PLC (HNBA) has introduced multi-channel communication platforms for its customers enhancing ease, convenience, and efficiency to obtain information about the products of the Company, information pertaining to their policies or any inquiries or complaints without visiting a branch.

Lasitha Wimalaratne, Chief Executive Officer of HNBA said, “Customer Experience is a journey, and the values of the brand are resonated through the service we provide to our customers at every moment and every touchpoint. The right customer experience strategy provides a seamless and consistently excellent experience across all channels and HNBA continuously strives to create an unmatched, superlative customer experience. The Company follows a simple yet effective Customer Experience mantra; that is every customer is unique and every customer has a different need. The key to providing a superlative service is by truly understating the customer beyond the words spoken. In a highly competitive market such as insurance, the right customer experience strategy can make a real difference and I’m extremely happy about HNBA’s Customer Experience Team and their efforts”.

Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer/General Manager of HNBA and its fully owned subsidiary HNB General Insurance Limited, Dinesh Yogaratnam said, “Today’s customer is extremely discerning in terms of what they expect from organisation that they transact with, whilst the importance of the right fit in terms of product goes unsaid,a well curated customer experience strategy which is meticulously implemented can help businesses to differentiate themselves and create that real difference which is felt by the customer. Simply put, Customer Experience in today’s context is the game changer.

Customers seek seamless, consistently excellent solutions across all channels and with the intention of providing a world-class customer experience, HNBA has introduced several initiatives. The Company has infused and will continue to infuse better technology capabilities as the backbone along with enhanced data capabilities as a conduit through which a superior service delivery would be facilitated. The Company has also commenced various initiatives to inculcate a Customer First Ethos amongst its staff who would be the ultimate purveyor of our services. As a brand which focuses on being attuned with the environment within which we operate, HNBA has constantly challenged the traditional business model and has adapted innovative ways to attract, win and retain its customers and will continue to set new benchmarks in terms of providing a superlative customer experience”.