If fare hike not allowed, buses to cease ops


The Lanka Private Bus Owners Association (LPBOA) warned that if bus fares are not increased according to the annual bus fare revision today (27), they will cease operating private buses starting tomorrow (28).

LPBOA Chairman Gemunu Wijerathne said, buses are forced to operate at a loss due to the prevailing diesel shortage.

“The Government had the option of continuing to supply diesel to private bus owners at the old rate until the annual price revision, or increasing the price immediately.

We requested the Government to consider the annual bus fare revision today, in light of the recent increase in the price of diesel. However, if no favourable response is received, bus services will be suspended beginning tomorrow (28),” he added.

Every 1 July, the annual bus fare increase takes effect.

“We had to deal with fuel price increases twice in a short period of time. Now we are in a position where we’ll have to operate buses. In any case, if no fuel is available, we will have to shut it down. We received fuel yesterday (26) at the new price, despite the fact that it was a consignment imported prior to the price increase,” he said.

By Nabiya Vaffoor