Govt should expedite maize imports


The Government should take steps to import maize for around 120 million animals in Sri Lanka, the All Ceylon Egg Producers’ Association said.

President of the Association, Sarath Ratnayake said there are over 120 million animals in the country and they are unable to understand the present economic situation, unlike humans.

Speaking at a special Media briefing regarding the gazette notification issued by the Government on animal feed, he said this could result in a major crisis.

He said maize production in Sri Lanka has decreased this year due to the fertiliser shortage and fuel crisis.

“Restrictions on animal feed may reduce egg production. There will be no egg or meat production if this occurs. Instead of rice, we fed the animals maize. Therefore, we urge the Government to take immediate action to import maize. Animals must be fed. Otherwise, this will become a major issue,” he added.

He also said they now feed chickens broken rice and have reduced the quantify of food given to animals from 110 g to 80 g.

By Sahan Tennekoon