Garbage clean up at Sri Pada


Following the conclusion of the Sri Pada pilgrimage season, a programme to remove polythene, plastic, and other solid waste dumped by pilgrims, on the road from Sri Pada Uda Maluwa to Nallathanniya, was launched on 25 June.

The 2021-2022 Sri Pada pilgrimage season ended on the last Vesak Poya day, according to Wildlife Conservationist Prabhash Karunatilake of the Nallathanniya Wildlife Office, during which time pilgrims on the Hatton Road dumped large amounts of plastic, polythene, and other solid waste into the environment.

He also said that efforts have been made to transport solid waste, including plastic and polythene, dumped on both sides of the road from Sri Pada Upper Courtyard to Nallathanniya and deliver it to the Maskeliya Garbage Recycling Centre.

By Neeta Pathma Kumari – Norwood