Fuel token system launched in Urubokka


The Matara Urubokka Beralapanathara Multipurpose Co-operative Society has devised a system to eliminate queues at petrol stations in Urubokka.

The union was able to put in place a token system to prevent thugs and those who used to be involved in the fuel business in any way from carrying out various subversive activities.

People who commented on this said that the process would provide fuel to all those in queue and that if this system was implemented throughout Sri Lanka, such conflicts and unjust practices would be reduced.

Berapanathara Multipurpose Co-operative Societies, Urubokka Police, and the Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman have all joined in this matter.

Chairman of the Co-operative Society Jayantha Sesiri said that people had been queuing for two or three kilometres for several days.

“That is why I approached the Urubokka Police. We receive 6,600 litres of petrol. We finally received the fuel eight days later. That is why we distributed tokens to those in those lines. You won’t have to stand in queue for days. We put in place a token programme. It was a huge success. We established a separate token programme for bicycles, tricycles, and automobiles,” he explained.

He went on to say that they gave them a token and made it simple for them to buy fuel the day it arrived at the fuel filling station.

“We distribute tokens based on the amount of fuel we receive. We receive 6,600 litres. This is how we distribute tokens for 1,000 bicycles, 300 three-wheelers, and 75 automobiles. We distributed the tokens six days ago,” he said.

By Rupasena Paththuwa – Ambilipitiya