Farmers and businessmen who visited the Dambulla Economic Centre on 26 June said they were facing untold hardship, as fuel prices continued to rise.

They pointed out that the supply of vegetables to the Dambulla Economic Centre has already declined sharply, and at a time when there is a severe shortage of traders who come to buy them, not only the economic centre, but also vegetable cultivation, is at risk of becoming inactive due to the unexpected increase in fuel prices.

The traders who bring vegetables to the Dambulla Economic Centre from all over the island, say the business has become unsustainable due to the increase in fuel prices caused by the influx of traders from all over the country. A very limited amount of vegetables can be brought for sale in shopping bags and displayed in the Economic Centre.

Many traders say due to a lack of fuel and rising prices, many of the vegetables brought to the Dambulla Economic Centre on 26 June were unable to sell.

According to a businessman at the Dambulla Economic Centre, fuel queues have created a number of distinct subcultures in the rural suburbs. Businessmen emphasised that culture, morality, and discipline are diluted in the face of fuel queues.

By K.K. Ariyadasa – Dambulla