Destined for love and freedom


It was a small cardboard box lying by the side of the road that first caught the attention of my gardener/helper a few months ago. A look inside, and what do we find – three tiny kittens of about two weeks old.

Two of them were white balls of fur while the third was an orange, white and black kitten. My next thought was – what do I do now? I surely couldn’t keep them because they were so small and needed to be fed every three to four hours.

I also had 10 adult cats at the time and couldn’t manage another three tiny kittens. I called my sister and asked her if she knows of anybody who can take care of three tiny kittens. On her instructions I took them to my vet for a check-up. My vet told me they were two to three weeks old and needed to be fed goats’ milk.

I was not successful in finding a foster home for the kittens at short notice and so my sister decided to take care of them until they were big enough to be rehomed. Taking care of such tiny kittens is by no means an easy task and sadly two of them died a few days later.

Sudu, as he is known was the only survivor. My sister fed him every couple of hours throughout the night and slowly Sudu grew into this beautiful kitten that he is today. While growing up Sudu had many bad days. But despite losing his siblings Sudu learnt to drink milk from a syringe until he was big enough to lap up the milk on his own and then got used to eating solids. Sudu was kept in a room as my sister had to make sure that her two cats Calico and Mimi Tutu would not get upset at the new arrival. But as Sudu grew older Calico took an interest in him and started playing with him when he was taken out of the room from time to time.

Sudu like all other kittens of his age was a playful kitten and learnt to play on his own and with the toys my sister gave him. He couldn’t be allowed out of the apartment as he was not used to the road and stood the risk of getting run over. So Sudu had to be confined to the apartment and my sister had to make sure that all the doors were closed when Sudu was around.

Sudu also thought this was his place and took over Calico’s chair when he was allowed to run around the apartment. With his soft white fur and eyes of two colours Sudu became so popular that my sister’s friend used to visit her just to play with this white ball of fur.

One of Sudu’s eyes is blue and the other hazel colour.This is known as heterochromia. The most common cause of heterochromia is a genetic mutation that results in an individual born with two differently coloured eyes. This mutation is not usually harmful and does not influence the quality of vision. Heterochromia is surprisingly common in cats, but it is more common in white cats.

Then came the day when Sudu found his forever home. My sister wanted him to have the freedom to run around than be locked up inside an apartment and so she found him a new home. Sudu now has a garden to run around and has taken over the sofa in his new forever home. A kitten that was dumped on the road in a cardboard box today lives in the lap of luxury in his new home.

By Risidra Mendis