Crocodile strikes fear into residents


Residents of Kelani Ganga Yatiyanthota are fearing for their lives, as a crocodile has been roaming the river for several days.

People in Lower Garagoda and Yatiyanthota are afraid to go down to the river because the crocodile has been spotted there. People claim that if the authorities do not take appropriate action in this regard, those who go down to the river are in danger.

When queried about this, Wildlife Assistant at the Bulathkohupitiya Wildlife Office Imes Goonetileke said catching a crocodile at this location and transporting it to another location is not possible.

That is because the crocodile has adapted to a lifestyle along the Kelani River and the permission of the Director General should be sought to report on whether or not it will be released to another environment.

He said steps will be taken to report the incident and the people living along the riverbank have also been informed about this.

By A. Narasinghe – Udugoda