Unpunctual and lazy princess Aurelia


Aurelia was an unpunctual and very lazy princess. She was as slow as a sloth. Her parents, King Edmund and Queen Thyra, were fed up with her habits. Believe it or not, on the day of a royal ball, when Princess Aurelia came to the ball after getting dressed, it was nearly over! Her fairy godmother saw this and thought to put an end to this. You see, Princess Aurelia was very good at writing poems. This was one of her great poems.

There once lived Tiny Tommy

Who was twin of Babbling Bommy

They too had a smart sister

Whose name was Aesthetic Amber

Everybody knows that they are spiders

And jolly good smart riders

But if you look about them wider

You’ll find that they’re the friends of Elated Eider

The fairy godmother thought for a while and cried, “Idea!”

She went to Princess Aurelia and said, “Princess, as you like poetry, I thought of planning a poetry contest for you and your friends. Tomorrow I’ll be having a meeting at 12 with you and your friends (who like to participate). Therefore, tell your friends and I’ll tell you the rules and regulations at the meeting. “

“Sure, fairy godmother!” Princess Aurelia said blissfully.

The next day, Princess Clarissa, Princess Julia, Princess Eugenie, Princess Sienna, Princess Margaret, Princess Sophie, and Princess Aurelia were in attendance.

The contest is going to be on Saturday. There are only two rules.

1) You can’t take any poems from any other sources.

2) You should finish at the given time.

Apart from that, there is another competition which chooses three princesses to participate in the poetry contest. Each of you will get a dressing room so you can get nicely dressed for the contest. The first four to get dressed will only be able to participate in the poetry contest. The other three can’t take part in the contest, “the fairy godmother stated.

The princesses agreed. Soon, the day of the contest arrived. The princesses were given dressing rooms. Princess Clarissa came first. Princess Sienna got the second place. Princess Julia took third place. Princess Sophie became the fourth. After that, the poetry contest began. Princess Clarissa was the winner of the poetry contest and won prizes.

Princess Aurelia was really upset. All her friends came, along with her fairy godmother and her parents, to comfort her. To everyone’s surprise, she said that all of this happened because of her bad habits, and she apologised for being unpunctual and lazy. Everyone said, “That’s OK. You will surely win next time. “From that day onwards, she became a punctual and diligent princess. In the next contest, she won both of the contests and won many prizes.

By Sehasna Mallikarachchi