Trapped by a Cheese Ball


Have you ever tasted that scrumptious, creamy, cheesy, lovely, sticky blue cheese balls? Oops! I got a little carried out there! Hi, I’m Cheesy, Cheesy Scrumpt! Uh…. I can’t stop thinking of those cheesy balls.  I’d better tell you my story before I lose my appetite.

I was a naughty little plump mouse kid those days. ‘Cheesy dear, don’t walk too far! That cat, Jerry is waiting for any mouse that leaves our hole and those humans are awaiting to catch us in mouse traps!’ my granny advised me before I left to eat cheese balls, but whom in this sticky cheese stew would want to listen to advices?

I left the hole, taking a small Christmas deco bell as I’ve heard a story about a bell and a cat. ‘Oh, the cat’s asleep. I shouldn’t bother about getting those blue cheese balls now!’ I saw the cat and gave a grin. Soon I slithered like those icky serpents and reached the golden room (kitchen). At first sight, I fell in love with those cheesy balls. My mouth watered as I was hypnotised by the beauty! That ball was filled with a sticky liquid but it was in a cage. ‘I’ll save you, my cheese ball!’ I ran towards it.

Just then, Bob the cat boy came in. ‘Jerry, mom said you’d not get enough food as dad forgot to bring another cat treat box,’ the boy of that house made me come back to this world. I kept the small bell on the cage door so it won’t close. Iran towards my cheese ball and hugged it tight. But when I tried to flash away, the small bell shook aside and I was locked in!

‘HELP, GRANNY! GRANDPA! PAPA! MAMA!’ I cried in horror. Mew… Meow… Mew… Purr! meowed Jerry, as that small cat became larger and larger reaching closer to me. My eyes were tear-filled and terror was shown in my face. ‘Meow!’ the cat came near me. ‘Granny, Granny! Sorry for not listening to you!’ I cried.  I looked at the cheese ball. ‘You’re the reason I’m here. I won’t be greedy anymore nor will I disobey elders!’ I threw my cheesy blue ball through the cage holes. Suddenly the cat started playing with the ball! I was relieved, but how’ll I ever get out. Suddenly, my family showed up! ‘I knew my grandson would get into trouble,’ he chuckled and lifted the cage door with the help of my mom, dad and granny while the cat was distracted.  We rushed into our tiny hole and breathed a breath of relief. ‘The cheese ball saved me, but I should have never been greedy or disobedient. I’m so sorry, grandma!’ I said. ‘At least you learned your lesson, dear!’ she looked positive. I hugged my super family.

That’s the end now. Oh…. I think I’ve lost my appetite. I’d not be so greedy, I said so now I should do so! Well I think you guys won’t make a ‘mousetake’ like I did. So don’t be greedy and be obedient, because elders have a thousand times knowledge than us!

By Sithulini Wijeratne