SLT-MOBITEL AkazaLMS enables corporate employee capability development


As SLT-MOBITEL, the National ICT solutions service provider, continues to play a pivotal role in driving Sri Lanka’s digital transformation through its Cloud-managed offering, SLT-Mobitel AkazaLMS takes centre-stage as the nation’s leading Learning Management System (LMS). SLT-Mobitel AkazaLMS   offers a unique, locally developed, comprehensive enterprise learning solution designed to cater to diverse training needs without compromising on quality.

Empowering corporates and educational institutes, SLT-Mobitel AkazaLMS is a comprehensive locally developed platform, containing a self-portal where the user develops their own e-learning and purchases it as a SaaS product. Especially during these challenging times, when classroom lectures are not possible and distance learning methods vital, the SLT-Mobitel AkazaLMS facilitates exams, assignments, quizzes, etc., tailor-made and customised for corporates and educational institutes targeting their own specific needs.

The administrator portal provides corporates the capability to create users of their enterprise, generating courses, uploading these courses, and assigning it to relevant learners. The learning portal of the platform supports employees’ learning at their convenience and on any device. Customers are also presented the option of branding their own e-learning portal according to the company’s identity.

Importantly, SLT-Mobitel AkazaLMS is implemented via the Azure stack platform, which provides a more robust infrastructure in addition to the enhanced security features that all customers seek. Through Azure Stack, SLT-Mobitel AkazaLMS’s infrastructure can support multiple tenants or customers while guaranteeing each tenant’s data is isolated and remains invisible to other tenants. Moreover, SLT-Mobitel AkazaLMS can cater to large organisations’ learning needs as through Azure Stack, services can be offered to multiple departments while maintaining isolation between each other.

Based on the platform’s reporting feature, an administrator can track the progress of users obtaining a snapshot of each employee’s learning skills and whether the training has enriched the employee and met the required goals. This complete digital platform also helps employees track their own performance at any given time.

In addition, the course content on the platform can be created and developed by the team. Based on organisational goals and needs, trilingual content can be curated and localised according to the organisation’s requirements. While course content is unlimited, packages are available based on various pricing levels and the number of users, to suit individual corporates and institutes.