Let Her Voice Be Heard!


A protest march to highlight problems faced by women was held on Friday (24).

The protest was organised by the ‘She Talks’ organisation and was led by women.

The Castle Street Hospital for Women was chosen as the starting point of the protest to symbolise illness and the Borella cemetery was selected as the end point to indicate death. The protesters showcased their creativity and depicted the struggles of every woman due to the economic crisis.

Visual arts, drama, and musical aspects added colour to the protest. The present medicinal drug shortage that has increased the risk of maternal deaths in Sri Lanka was also underlined in the protest. Shortage of sanitary products and napkins was also voiced. Furthermore, the shortage of essentials was also addressed during the protest.

Lawyer Nirupa Serasinghe, who addressed the protestors, said Sri Lankan women should improve their political knowledge and get involved in politics, to combat the leaders who are insensitive towards the public’s issues.

A large number of celebrities and political figures were seen at the protest.

By Nabiya Vaffoor