‘Sri Lanka has a history of diverting aid’ – British diplomat


Mark Malloch-Brown, President of the Open Society Foundations, has warned the International Monetary Fund (IMF) of Sri Lanka’s ‘history of diverting aid’.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday (22), the British diplomat urged that the IMF address the issue of systemic corruption in Sri Lanka during their visit, thereby acknowledging that it is ‘the reason the country is in this mess’.

He further claimed that the IMF’s failure to do so would risk corrupt politicians being bailed out, as opposed to those truly in need.

Malloch-Brown’s comments came in response to economist Nishan de Mel’s claim that systemic corruption and corrupt governance is the principal cause of Sri Lanka’s current economic crisis.

De Mel further questioned whether the problem would be added onto the agenda of the staff-level agreement due to take place later this month with the IMF.