Samsung offers discounts on Galaxy accessories


Samsung recently unveiled their promotional prices for Galaxy accessories, to alleviate the financial burdens of consumers, amid turbulent times.

Samsung, as a caring brand for its people, has introduced up to 48% discounts in their promotional prices and hence relieves consumers of paying large sums for accessories to adorn their Galaxy devices. This promotional campaign introduces reduced prices for adapters, wearables, hearables, chargers, smart tags, and headphones, all part of the Galaxy ecosystem, to allow consumers to experience the true brilliance of Samsung.

“Samsung has always been a people brand and has always paid attention to the well-being of the consumer. In these trying times, it is important to help consumers in our own ways to help them alleviate the stress of inflation. We have introduced our promotional prices for Galaxy accessories to allow our consumers to integrate themselves into the Galaxy ecosystem without having to worry about the prices caused by inflation,” commented Kevin Sungsu YOU, Managing Director, Samsung Sri Lanka.

Under this all-market promotional campaign, Samsung has reduced its Galaxy accessories of up to 48% of its market price. Items including Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Buds, Galaxy SmartTag, Travel Adapters, and Wireless Chargers are included under this campaign.