Gas explosion victims to petition ICJ


Convener of the aggrieved parties of the gas crisis, Milinda Premaratne, said they will shortly petition the International Court of Justice, demanding justice following the recent incidents suffered by consumers arising from injuries caused following explosion of gas cylinders.

He said it was obvious that they will not be able to seek justice for their grievances in Sri Lanka.

Premaratne added that if either the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) or the Government is unable to address their grievances and provide compensation for their losses, then they will have to petition the International Court of Justice over the same.

Premaratne said over 90 accidents related to gas cylinder explosions, leakages  and gas cookers being burnt had taken place throughout the country.

He charged Litro Lanka should be held accountable for seven deaths arising from these incidents.

Premaratne alleged Muditha Peiris who was the head of Litro Gas from 2015 up until 2019 had brought down 800,000 gas cylinders and spare parts from India and noted that experts in the field had claimed that these cylinders and spare parts were of inferior quality.

By Mithun Jayawardene


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