Apeksha Director tasked with NH Kandy supervision


Ad-hoc policies implemented by the Director General Health Services (DGHS) were also contributing to the State health service feeling the pangs of the economic crisis, doctors alleged.

Spokesman for the Government Medical Officers’ Forum (GMOF), Dr. Niroshana Premaratne yesterday (23) accused the DGHS of burdening the health service which is already suffering under the economic situation and the current fuel crisis of being selective in appointing hospital directors.

The recently-appointed Director of ‘Apeksha’, Hospital for patients with cancer, Dr. Aruna Jayasekara has also been tasked with supervising the National Hospital (NH) Kandy where he was stationed as Hospital Director a few months earlier.

In addition the Deputy Director of the said Hospital has been appointed as that Hospital’s Acting Director. Dr. Premaratne noted that the Kandy Deputy Director has served in the Deputy Director grade for the past 13 years and had acquired the seniority that would be needed to serve as the Hospital’s Acting Director.

But when hospitals like Base Hospital Mulleriyawa, Infectious Diseases Hospital, Angoda, De Soysa Maternity Hospital have Deputy Grade Doctors serving as Acting Directors, it is unfortunate that the DGHS is unable to adhere to policies and place the current Deputy Director of NH Kandy solely in charge of NH Kandy. Instead it had led the Director of the Apeksha Hospital having to shuttle between Kandy and Colombo – especially at a time when the country is facing a fuel and economic crisis. The GMOF Spokesman said that the DGHS should be surcharged for such administrative decisions during such a sensitive time for health service and the country, he said.

Currently the country has about 70 Senior Grade Medical Officers and over 200 Deputy Grade medical officers.

Meanwhile, Director of Apeksha Hospital, Dr. Jayasekara when contacted said that while the Deputy Director of NH Kandy was currently acting as the Hospital’s director, he himself travelled to Kandy at least once a week on supervision of the functioning of NH Kandy.

By Dilanthi Jayamanne