Royal Park Murder: ‘I did not accept any bribe, but someone did’ – Sirisena


Former President Maithripala Sirisena recently revealed shocking facts about the Presidential Pardon granted to the Royal Park murder convict, Jude Shramanatha Jayamaha.

Jayamaha was sentenced to death for the murder of Yvonne Jonsson at the Royal Park Condominium complex in Rajagiriya in 2005, after which he was later granted Presidential Pardon by Sirisena in 2019.

Speaking during an interview, Sirisena stated that following investigations, it was revealed that an exchange of money had, in fact, taken place between Jayamaha’s family and another individual, ensuring Jayamaha’s release.

Denying allegations that Sirisena himself had taken the bribe, he reiterated that no such money was ever received by him.

“I did not take even 5 cents and will never take money”, he said in this regard.

Sirisena raised concerns, however, over MP Athuraliye Rathana Thera’s unwavering involvement in the case.

The rather controversial monk was at the forefront of the efforts to grant a Presidential Pardon for Jayamaha, having initially visited Sirisena with the family of the convicted with a letter seeking his release.

Rathana Thera’s visits to Sirisena with the family later became frequent, Sirisena said, urging him to grant the convicted a Presidential Pardon.

Thus, answering a question posed by the host of the interview, Sirisena admitted that the individual who had accepted the money could well indeed be someone who was keen on ensuring Jayamaha’s release.


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