Parcel containing ICE valued at Rs 130M seized


A package containing 13,640 Crystal Methamphetamine tablets also known as ICE worth over Rs 130 million was seized by officials at the Central Mail Exchange. According to Customs, the street value of each tablet is said to be approximately Rs 10,000.

The package had arrived from the Netherlands on 4 March. It was posted to a fake address in Moratuwa. Officials decided to open the package when no one had laid claim to it for the past three months. The tablets had been subtly hidden in the lining of the seven sheets inside the parcel, officers said.

It was opened, yesterday (22) in the presence of officials of the Central Mail Exchange, Sri Lanka Customs and Police Narcotics Bureau (PNB). The contraband was handed over to PNB officials for further investigations. Officers of the Central Postal Exchange Division of the Sri Lanka Postal Department made the timely detection.

By Nabiya Vaffoor