More foreign animals to Pinnawala Zoo?


Owing to the unfavourable rating of the Pinnawala Open Zoo, it was not attracting many visitors due to a lack of foreign animals. However, the authorities are contemplating on re-locating some of the foreign animals from the Dehiwala Zoo to the Pinnawala Zoo to boost its income.

Meanwhile, Director General of the National Zoological Gardens, Dr. Tilak Premakantha said there were many public complaints saying they were dissatisfied with viewing animals at the Pinnawala Zoo.

However, he said re-locating animals from the Dehiwala Zoo to the Pinnawala Zoo was only a suggestion and that things may change in the coming days. He denied reports that the suggestion followed the realisation that there was a lack of food and space for animals at the Dehiwala Zoo. During a recent discussion, Minister of Wildlife and Forest Resources Conservation, Mahinda Amaraweera inquired from officials as to why the Pinawela zoo which had a large space was not attracting visitors and was told that since there were no foreign animals, visitors were not keen to come.

Meanwhile, the Wildlife Ministry said the sponsorship programme for animals at the Dehiwala Zoo was now fully operational.

BY Thameenah Razeek