Ganemulla Sanjeewa’s assets to be probed


Colombo Chief Magistrate Nandana Amerasinghe, on Tuesday (21) approved the Illegal Assets and Property Investigation Division of the CID to summon reports from the Department of Registration of Persons, the Department of Immigration and Emigration, Election Commission, National Water Supply and Drainage Board and the CEB, to ascertain the connection to a spate of crimes committed by Ganemulla Sanjeewa alias Sanjeewa Kumara Samaratunga.

The suspect Ganemulla Sanjeewa has been charged before the Colombo Chief Magistrate of engaging in contract killings, whist earning by illegall means.

The Court gave this order on submissions made in this connection by the Illegal Assets and Property Investigation Division of the CID.

They told Court, that the Attanagalla Chief Magistrate had charged the suspect for robbing a sum of Rs 75,000 and a mobile phone  and having threatened the occupants of a lorry three years ago.

They stated that the suspect 12 years ago armed with firearms belonging to the LTTE, stolen Rs 7 million from an ATM machine in Wattala.

The Illegal Assets and Property Investigation Division stated that the suspect has also been charged with stealing property valued at Rs 32 million, having intimidated the people at Thelanga 7 Bund in 2010.

They explained to Chief Magistrate Amerasinghe, that the suspect among a spate of other charges directed at him, had shot Dematagoda Chaminda, while the latter had been travelling in a Black Maria six years ago and said that Maligawatta Police had initiated a probe against him.

They said the suspect had also aided and abetted the murder of Udammita Samare, on Christmas Eve six years ago and the Veyangoda Police initiated investigations against him.

According to the Illegal Assets and Property Investigation Division, Gampaha Police had also begun a probe against the suspect on charges of possession of firearms and bullets over the murder of Austin, five years ago.

The Police informed the Court that the suspect Ganemulla Sanjeewa had also aided and abetted the murder of Chandra Kumari of Ampegama, four years ago.

They added that the suspect had also been charged with the murder of Anne Rasika Rozelle, at Wellampitiya in Kandana in 2018, whist causing grievous injury to the victim’s 13-year-old daughter.

Continuing further, the Illegal Assets and Property Investigation Division stated that the Excise Department had filed charges against the suspect before the Mahara Chief Magistrate’s Court, over the possession of 50 milligrams of narcotics in 2013. 

The IAID told the Court, that inquiries conducted related to the crime spree of the suspect Ganemulla Sanjeewa, had proved that the latter had been rehabilitated and that the TID had nabbed him on charges of committing, aiding and abetting, conspiracy to the aforesaid crimes, on 10 March six years ago.

Afterwards the Illegal Assets and Property Investigation Division urged the Chief Magistrate, to issue an order to each of the aforesaid institutions, to submit reports to Court, to ascertain the identity of this suspect to each of the crimes committed by him.          

Taking the submissions into consideration, the Court granted its approval to the request made to it by the Illegal Assets and Property Investigation Division.

By Hansi Nanayakkara


  1. How much more macabre can this country get. Farming crime by the political establishment has been the style of governance. The assets of most politicians should be investigated, as judging the way they live and lifestyle, where overnight they have plundered state funds and and make a cheap display of it and expecting patronizing by all they engage with.

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