Electricity, fuel supply gazetted as essential


A Gazette Extraordinary was issued by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa declaring all services connected to the supply of electricity, supply or distribution of petroleum products and fuel, as essential public services with effect from 20 June 2022.

Further,  all service, work or labour necessary or required to be done in connection with the maintenance, and the reception, care, feeding and treatment of patients in hospitals, nursing homes, dispensaries, and other similar institutions were also declared as an essential public service.

Thereby, the said services provided by any Public Corporation or Government Department or Local Authority or Co-operative Society or any branch thereof being a Department or Corporation or Local Authority or Co-operative Society, were declared as essential public services.

The Gazette was issued, by virtue of the powers vested in Rajapaksa in terms of Section 2 of the Essential Public Services Act, No. 61 of 1979.