Bringing back the Golden Era of Ananda Cricket


Ananda College Cricket Wing, together with the Old Anandian’s Sports Club, in collaboration with the Principal Lal Dissanayake, have taken the initiative to launch a trust fund. The launch was held on 16 June at the Kularatne Hall in the presence of a large gathering of parents and students of all age groups.

The launch of this trust fund was to bolster the process of regaining its cricketing glory of yesteryear. The fund would support the development of cricket in a sustainable manner by helping each and every Anandian by not putting the burden on the parents at a time of economic crisis the country is faced with.

By 1981, Ananda had produced 5 out of 19 cricketers who represented the under-19 national team, and had consistently produced high performing national level cricketers to represent mother Lanka at Test and ODI games.

The Cricket Wing is embarking on an ambitious and challenging drive to bring back the golden era of cricket effectively immediately, where much admired national cricketers of repute who did the country proud were nurtured and produced, and to continue this trend, it is required to ensure stable financing.

Project ‘Road to Glory’ will focus on providing the much-required technical support, nutrition, mental strength, motivation and most importantly, instill the required levels of discipline in the upcoming young players, to perform at their highest level in line with this project. The management of the funds will be directed by the officials of the Ananda College Cricket Wing which comprise of several distinguished Anandians from various fields, including National Cricketers, financial professionals and members from the business sector, who will ensure its authenticity and transparency.

The Board of the ‘Trust for the Development of Cricket at Ananda College’ (TDCAC) comprise top tier business and professional personnel from the college alumnus, who were appointed through a special management unit.

The trustees include distinguished Anandians like Sidath Wettimuny (ex-National Cricketer), Ana Punchihewa (ex-Cricket Administrator), Ranjith Pandithage (reputed businessman), Deva Rodrigo (finance community), Prashantha Lal de Alwis (legal community), Bimal Wijayasinghe (Executive President of the OBA) and Amitha Munasinghe (President of Old Anandians SC).

Commenting on the fund, Ranjith Pandithage stated, “We are committed to bring back the golden era where we proudly cheered, not only our nation but our schoolmates as well. To assist this long term and sustainable journey, we request all Anandians to step forward and support Cricket Ananda with funding – be it individual or corporate level. This plea also goes to all past Anandians who reside here and overseas. This is the start of a new journey that will be memorable in the sporting annals of Ananda College.”

The annual accounts of TDCAC will be duly audited by Ernst and Young. The activities of Cricket Ananda will be regularly published on its social media and website to effectively engage with the public.

The Ananda College Cricket Wing convey their gratitude to Fairfirst Insurance and Maliban Biscuits for coming forward to sponsor this prestigious event on behalf of the younger generation.

Caption: A section of the gathering at the launch of the Trust Fund

By M.H. Yakeem