Schools islandwide to function as usual – Susil


Minister of Education Susil Premajayantha said school textbook printing paper and other materials are being imported under the indian loan assistance and that plans were in place to meet the basic needs of the school system without a shortage by 2023.

He said arrangements have been drawn up with local businessmen and the Chinese government to supply school uniforms for next year.

Premajayantha said there were no plans to reduce the number of school days or reduce the number of periods for subjects.

“Due to the fuel crisis, it will not be possible to open schools this week in the Colombo region of the Western Province, as well as in the suburbs and suburbs. In rural areas, there are 3,000 schools with fewer than 200 students. These small schools are the hardest hit by school closures. Teacher principals enjoy running those schools. I appreciate their decision,” he added.

In addition, he said they have requested that teachers who are unable to attend schools should provide online teaching if possible.

“We have decided to hold GCE Advanced Level and Scholarship examinations in October and November of 2022. The GCE Ordinary Level Exam for 2022 will take place in February 2023. School closure makes it difficult to complete the curriculum. As a solution, it has been proposed that schools limit co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and devote more time to academic activities. It was also decided to shorten the August and December holidays to compensate for lost time,” Premajayantha further said.