Minimum age for migrant domestic workers to be amended


The Cabinet today (21) approved the proposal to amend the minimum age of migrant female domestic workers.

Accordingly, the minimum age is to be amended to 21.

At present, the minimum age to take up employment as a domestic worker in Saudi Arabia is 25 years, 23 for the other Middle Eastern countries and 21 years for the rest of the world.

Earlier this month, a Cabinet subcommittee was appointed to review the minimum age of females leaving for overseas employment, based on a proposal presented by the Minister of Labour and Foreign Employment.

Thus, as per the recommendation of the committee, the Cabinet has granted approval to amend the minimum age of females who are planning to take up employment overseas as domestic workers.


  1. Though we lowered HM’s age for overseas jobs as 21, the regulations applied in KSA the biggest market for
    HM’s specified it as 25. Generally other ME countries apply a minimum age of 23.
    Therefore this new amendment won’t bring much changes in the recruitment drive but would compel prospective women to forge birth certificates.

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