Liquor store in Morawaka gutted


Morawaka Police said a store selling foreign liquor was completely gutted following a blaze which had taken place in the Morawaka town at dawn yesterday (20). They claimed that the liquor outlet had been situated on the ground floor of a two
-storey building near the Police Station.

They said the top floor of the building was also damaged due to the severity of the fire.

According to Police, they had summoned bowsers from the Pitabeddara PS to extinguish the fire, which was noticed and reported to them by the driver of a three-wheeler travelling on the Akuressa-Deniyaya road at around 3.10 am on 20 June.

The owner of the liquor outlet stated that he had suffered a loss of Rs 70 million due to the blaze having totally destroyed his livelihood. Police added that they had begun a probe to determine whether the blaze had occurred due to an act of sabotage, an electrical short circuit or any other reason.

BY Athuda Pathirana – Urubokka