President must make way to immediately form APG – Harsha


Parliamentarian Dr. Harsha de Silva said the President must make way to immediately form an All-Party Government (APG) to avoid the country being dragged down further.

Speaking to media yesterday (19), De Silva stressed that the President no longer has the people’s mandate to serve as the President of Sri Lanka, due to his weak decision making.

“It is important that leaders understand the mindset of people in fuel queues. People are hungry and suffering in long fuel queues, burning through cash to feed themselves during this time,” he added.

De Silva pointed out how Police officers continue to abuse their power over individuals who are helpless at fuel stations, and added that the SJB does not condone such behavior by the authorities.

He further added that the economic crisis and the political crisis are intertwined; some believe that this is just an economic crisis and not a political crisis; these are two issues that need to be resolved together.

By Nabiya Vaffoor