People driven to starvation – Tilvin


President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s impractical ‘organic policy’ has driven people to the brink of starvation, JVP General Secretary, Tilvin Silva claimed.

He accused the President of destroying agriculture in the country. “Rajapaksa should be held accountable for it,” Silva said.

He told the media at JVP Headquarters yesterday (19), the Government had obtained a court order to arrest nine activists and monks, including the National Organiser of Socialist Youth, Eranga Gunasekara.

“Following the 9 May incident, the leaders of the struggle were accused on several occasions, and a witch-hunt was launched. The monks were recently arrested. JVP activists were arrested in this manner. This is a very serious situation. “Our Constitution permits protests,” he said.

The authorities are attempting to apprehend innocent people. The true criminals who have ‘killed’ the country’s economy and destroyed ordinary people’s lives are in power. Silva claims that the President is one of them.

Silva urged citizens to unite to create a government with a new mandate to save the country from a catastrophe.

“Although we are in queues, we request that the ‘struggle’ for the country not to be hampered. We urge the people not to create conflict, especially in fuel and gas queues. We ask you to gather all your strength to drive out the ruling clique that has put us in this situation. We demand the Government to immediately stop the witch hunt, listen to the voices of the people and leave!” he demanded.

BY Aloka Kasturiarachchi