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Instagram accounts have changed our perspective on style. From size-inclusive fashion to social activists with style, designers, photographers and content creators; inspiring us on Instagram now.

Yohani Hewage is a 24 years old content creator and designer. She runs her clothing line Yoshy, specialising in custom clothing and sarees. She is also involved with her father’s businesses while focusing on her passion for digital content creation.

“It’s a pretty cool journey and allowed me to work with many brands. I have met a lot of new faces and I am working on establishing a brand name of my own”, Yohani stated.

The first thing that caught our eye with Yohani is the look of her Instagram feed. It’s bright – as if the sun is always shining on her. It’s colourful and filled with stylish outfits. Her passion for social media comes through in her dedication to creating awesome fashion, food and lifestyle content.

She features all the wardrobe staples – jeans, tops, saree, cute dresses, you name it. She may keep things simple, but her execution is next level. Her focus may be casual fashion but there’s nothing casual about her approach to fashion content creation.

Describe your sense of style? 

Style is hard to put into words. It can entail so many different aspects of everyday life. Changing every minute. It’s more than clothing it’s a feeling, it expresses who you are to the world. 

My style depends on the occasion that I’m going to attend. Most of the time it’s simple and elegant.

What does fashion mean to you?

For me, fashion is not only about clothing. It’s a sense in terms of showing off my personality and stylishness. Also, it’s all about comfort while being trendy, I prefer comfortability in everything I wear. I like to be dressed up casually most of the time.

 I’m not a person who always goes with trends. If it’s comfy and easy to care for then I’ll stand for that. I’m not brand conscious. I do invest wisely and reasonably in my wardrobe and I’m not shy to repeat clothes. 

We asked Yohani for her top 5 styling tips? 

– Don’t be too afraid to mix patterns when you’re styling.

– Choosing the right bra – the right fit bra makes you look sleek and confident.  

– Develop a signature style to adapt to the trend and always make sure it gives you the comfort zone! 

– A good blazer and pair of heels can help you express your personality. You can always adapt to your choice of style.

– Wear one simple accessory that significantly impacts your outfit. You don’t need much to carry. Something like a watch, pair of earrings or minimalist chain would do. I personally prefer the gold colour.

By Shafiya Nawzer