State sector to limit cadre for two weeks


The operation of State Institutions, schools and certain other entities will be limited for two weeks applicable from tomorrow (20) owing to the raging fuel and economic crisis.

Secretary to the Ministry of Public Administration, Home Affairs, Provincial Councils and Local Government, M.M.P.K Mayadunne issued a circular on Friday (17) to limit the number of State Sector employees reporting to work for two weeks from tomorrow (20).

The circular directed Secretaries to Ministries, Provincial Heads and Heads of Departments, to decide on the number of employees required for the uninterrupted supply of essential services in view of the economic and fuel crisis. The circular also vested Secretaries to Ministries, Provincial Heads and Heads of Departments with the authority to transfer any employee of a Ministry, Department, and Institution to a similar place of work located close to their residence.

Further, employees have been instructed to work on a roster basis and if an employee does not report to work on a day rostered, the heads of the relevant institution should reduce it from the employee’s number of personal holidays. Employees who have not so been rostered should work from home. The circular also instructed to seek the recommendations of the Secretary to the Ministry of Finance in the application of the circular to State Enterprises, while the Judicial Service Commission was empowered to make a decision as to the staff required to maintain judicial services. Meanwhile the Additional Secretary to the Ministry of Education said a decision as to the operation of schools during these two weeks will also be taken and relevant directions will be made in this regard.

By Faadhila Thassim