How to dress for your body type


Although you can wear whatever you want and whatever makes you feel confident, some styles can flatter your natural body more than others. This can make you feel more confident and more comfortable, and will also make it much easier when shopping! If you know what suits you and what you want, shopping will be faster and also cheaper since you’ll buy less hit-and-miss outfits.

There are five main body types, Apple, Pear, Triangle, Rectangle and Hourglass.

Dressing for an apple body type

An apple shaped body is one where most of the weight is stored in the midsection, giving you a cute round tummy and/or a larger chest. Apple body’s usually have very slender legs which look even more slender in comparison to their midsection. Wearing clothes to enhance this can make you look taller and slenderer if that is your ideal look. Bold patterns such as stripes on tops may not work in your benefit as your look will not be balanced. A good way to balance out your midsection is wearing long boot cut pants. Flared pants will work in your favour as it evens out the width of your midsection with your legs. Wearing V necks can also work in your favour for your larger chest as well as minimising the look of wide shoulders, if that is the desired look.

A-line or empire cuts are ideal for you. Monochrome looks, dark colours, full or 3/4th sleeves dresses, and flowy tops will help.

Dressing for a pear body type

A pear stores most of her weight below the waistline. So, they have fuller hips and thighs with narrow shoulders, a smaller bust, and a slim midriff. A pear is one of the most versatile body shapes for outfits, as you can wear a small top to flatter your slim waist and small bust, while still flaunting your hips and thighs. Focusing the attention on your hips may work in your favour as it highlights the slimness of your waist in comparison as well. Baggier pants may work for a pear body shape, but body fitting clothes may be better suited to flaunt your curves. One thing to avoid may be straight cut skirts and A line dresses as it may flatten out your silhouette and look tight on you.

Dressing for a rectangle body type

A rectangle body shape is popular among high fashion and in general looks best for street wear looks and at leisure.

This type of body shape has an athletic, lean build and more of a straight up and down figure with fewer curves. A rectangle body can wear tight outfits and cropped tees to accentuate their straight-line figure.

A rectangle body can highlight their waist to accentuate curves, or can really pull off baggy clothes, big jackets, etc. without the issue of a fuller breast pulling clothes in unwanted directions, a rectangle body allows you to have the most eclectic fashion taste. Capitalise on your straight figure by wearing lengthy dresses or A-line pants to make you look taller. 

Dressing for a triangular body type

The triangle body is the opposite of a pear, where your bust is significantly bigger/wider than your hips, and you have a smaller waist. This body type is perfect for flowy dresses and gathered skirts. Highlighting your upper body will work in your favour, and baggy pants such as cargo pants can help balance out your figure! Tight tops will also look good on you especially bodycon tops to emphasise your curves.

Dressing for an hourglass body type

The hourglass body shape is where your bust and hips are the same or a similar width, while your waist is significantly narrower. The hourglass has a very exaggerated figure and would best suit body fitting clothes. Wearing cropped tees can also emphasise the contrast between bust, midsection and hips. Wearing shifts or trapeze dresses can make your body look more rectangle, but it might be more difficult to pull off a baggy look when having fuller hips and bust. The hourglass is the most balanced body shape so most clothes would suit you!

Overall, although these tips may help you find what suits you, it’s your choice to wear what you like and what makes you feel confident!

By Ruelle Sittampalam