HNB Finance partners MoneyGram


HNB Finance PLC recently on-boarded P2P payments and money transfer facilitator MoneyGram, to enable easy and efficient remittance services for anyone looking to send money to Sri Lanka.

Coupled with HNB Finance’s personalised and customer-centric track record, this partnership aims to bring convenience and speed to the forefront with MoneyGram’s widespread presence across the globe with both digital platforms and retail locations.

Commenting on the partnership, HNB Finance Head of Product Development, Business Loans and Corporate Business, Shanaka Perera said, “At a time when foreign exchange is a need of the hour, our partnership with MoneyGram facilitates us to strengthen the economy through its fast and reliable remittance service, while ensuring that the customers have a smooth and seamless experience when using it.”

Through MoneyGram, customers residing abroad can send money to their friends and family in Sri Lanka with convenience and speed at the best exchange rates. This remittance facility is trusted by over 150 million customers, who can choose how they send money – be it online, or through one of its 380,000+ locations around the world.