Apeksha Hospital Services Face Collapse


The prevailing fuel crisis in the country could lead to the collapse of services at the Apeksha Hospital, Maharagama for patients suffering from cancer, Consultant Ontological Surgeon, Dr. Kanishka de Silva lamented.

The long hours that the surgeons and other theatre and hospital staff have to spend in queues, due to the fuel crisis, could result in these services shutting down. Surgeons, especially those who have to use their private transport to reach the hospital have to stay for 13 to 14 hours in fuel queues to obtain the fuel.

Dr. De Silva, when contacted on Friday (17), explained the situation that threatened the services inclusive of the hospital’s theatre facility which could lead the facility shutting down, under the current circumstances.

“With the service that needs to be carried out at the hospital we can’t afford to delay taking public transport while the fuel issue deters even cab services from operating to Maharagama,” he noted. 

“The doctors, consultant surgeons and staff are not asking for special treatment. All we are asking from the Government, the petrol shed owners and even the public is to show some consideration towards Apeksha Hospital because the patients’ lives have been affected by this.”

It runs the risk of shutting down and unless the Government, assisted by the public, help find a solution to this situation and delays that eat into the time of their service. “Even trade unions don’t implement their action in the Apeksha Hospital, the hospital for patients with cancer, so please assist the hospital to function at this time of crisis as well,” he urged.     

By Dilanthi Jayamanne