STF to re-cultivate 100 acres of paddy fields


The STF will re-cultivate 100 acres of paddy fields, along with 45 acres of coconut lands, based on the Sojan cultivation system of Indonesia.

The STF has launched a pilot project for coconut cultivation at an unutilised seven-acre plot in Beruwela, Kalutara.

The Sojan coconut cultivation project was launched by STF Commandant and DIG Varuna Jayasundera.

Sojan cultivation involves digging trenches between two strips of land to facilitate drainage of non-draining wetlands.

In these lands, slightly higher ridges are prepared and food crops are grown on them. The STF aims to grow food crops in fallow paddy lands. Director of Agriculture, Thusitha Nandana is assisting the STF in these tasks.    


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