Licence to import vehicles draws heavy flak


Despite prior instructions to formulate a proper procedure in coordination with the Department of Motor Traffic (DMT) to issue licences to import vehicles and spare parts to Sri Lanka, the authorities have failed to do so. This came to light at a recent sitting of the Committee on Public Accounts (COPA).

This was revealed when officials of the Import and Export Control Department were summoned before COPA.

The Committee expressed its displeasure that no action had been taken in this regard. In addition, a request was made that a suitable methodology be prepared to maintain the relevant activities in a more efficient and transparent manner and submit the progress to the Committee within a period of four months.

The Committee pointed out that a lack of coordination with direct liaison institutions such as the Excise Department, the Department of Motor Traffic and the Sri Lanka Customs was problematic in conducting activities of the Department. They were instructed to take steps to computer network all activities immediately.

To this end, the importance of liaising with institutions such as the Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) and the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission was also emphasized.

Although officials of the Department of Import and Export Control were informed about this matter in 2016, the Committee expressed its displeasure that this work has not been done so far and considering its importance, COPA Chairman decided to appoint a sub-committee to inquire into its progress.

Also, attention was drawn to the subsequent transfer of vehicles imported under the gift scheme to various parties. Accordingly, after the vehicles were imported under the gift scheme, officers present were asked about the transfer of the vehicles to other parties.