AMS requests Saturday be declared as off day for medical sector


The Association of Medical Specialists (AMS) has requested the Health Ministry to declare Saturday as an off day for medical specialists and medical officers.

The AMS said the request was proposed as an interim remedial measure to ease the burden on the health care delivery system as well as health care personnel until the current fuel crisis is over.

“This will definitely ease the demand for fuel with regard to national consumption at least to some extent and result in better and more efficacious use of resources that are already scarce,” the association said in a statement.

Claiming that they had previously requested this in a letter dated 14 June as well, the AMS urged the Health Ministry to arrange a few dedicated and exclusive fuel stations for health care workers at least on a rationed basis.

The association highlighted the need for effective security at such fuel stations using armed forces to avoid clashing with the public.

“Our proposal to declare Saturday as a temporary special holiday (off day like Sunday) for the health sector is purely a measure to save energy and foreign exchange for the country. However, the emergencies and inward patients will be attended to like on any other day.”

Referring to the proposal already in place for all other public servants declaring Friday as an official holiday, the AMS said, “As we have now come to the worst ever position with regard to access to fuel to go to work and attend emergencies, we have no choice other than asking our members to stay at home while keeping only their contactability for telephone advise on as the government seems to be not interested in prioritizing a solution.”