SL authorities to hold inquiry with Türkiye


Sri Lankan authorities will hold an inquiry with Turkish Government officials regarding the incident reported in the media that UL 504 avoided a possible mid-air collision with another aircraft above Turkish airspace, Ceylon Today reliably learns.

The confidential regulatory document usually filed by the pilots has pointed out: ‘Unsafe Air Traffic Control (ATC) Climb Clearance’.

Reportedly, it was Captain Navin de Silva and his team that had avoided the possible mid-air collision in Turkish airspace. 

The pilots reported that due to vigilance and action taken by the crew aboard UL 504, the flight managed to avert one of the worst mid-air collisions. The pilots also pointed out that a British Airways flight that was flying above had a higher speed than the UL.  

“Since this had been reported by the pilots irrespective of the veracity of the incident, the officials will hold an inquiry with Ankara,” an official who wanted to maintain anonymity told Ceylon Today.

He said such ‘mistakes’ do happen but the systems onboard the aircraft would alert and provide resolution advice on correcting flight path if there was proximity warnings.  The ATC at Ankara, that gave such a command, will be investigated, the sources said. 

Contrary to news reports, SriLankan confirmed that UL 504 was not at risk of a mid-air collision with another aircraft at any point. “The vigilance of the pilots and the state-of-the-art communication and amp surveillance system onboard the aircraft enabled safe passage for UL 504”.

SriLankan Airlines also commended the timely action of the pilots which ensured the safety of all passengers, crew and equipment onboard UL 504.

The carrier also confirms that the pilots operating UL 504, which departed from London to Colombo on 13 June 2022, were able to safely fly the plane without an incident.

By Sulochana Ramiah Mohan