No orders against peaceful protests


Colombo Chief Magistrate Nandana Amerasinghe, yesterday (15) informed Cinnamon Gardens Police that he will not be issuing orders towards the proscription of protests held in a peaceful manner henceforth.

He then instructed Cinnamon Gardens Police, to utilise its powers and arrest demonstrators or protesters, if they behave in a manner impeding the civilian life and causing any hindrance to passers-by, during the conduct of such protests or demonstrations.

The Chief Magistrate made these remarks, in response to a request made to him by Police, who urged the Court to issue an order to ban a planned protest to be held in Colombo, by the Peradeniya University Student Federation yesterday.

Clarifying the issue further, Chief Magistrate Amerasinghe, stated that as per Provisions contained in Section 106 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the Police should desist from seeking such orders from the Court.

He added that the Police Department should carry out its duties, as per Provisions contained in Sections of the Police Ordinance.

By Hansi Nanayakkara