Heroin dealer nabbed in Kattankudy


A drug dealer was arrested in Kattankudy on 14 June with about 25g of heroin worth nearly Rs 875,000, OIC of the Batticaloa District Crime Division P.S.P. Bandara said yesterday (15).

Following a tip off provided by an Army Intelligence unit, a team of Police officers, led by Bandara, carried out a search at the Kattankudy Beach Road as instructed by SSP Sugath Marasinghe. The suspect was arrested at a hotel along with the narcotics.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the suspect is a Kattankudy resident and had been engaging in the narcotic trade for a long time. He had allegedly brought the heroin from Kalmunai to Kattankudy.

By Naalir Jamaldeen