Fuel crisis takes yet another life


The driver of a three-wheeler died earlier today (16) in Panadura, after waiting in a fuel queue for two days.

The victim, identified as a 53-year-old father of three, had been at the Egoda Uyana filling station with another three-wheeler driver the previous day, and had arrived at the Wekada petrol station around 07:00 pm last night.

The victim is believed to have suffered from a heart attack while having dinner with a fellow three-wheeler driver and was subsequently rushed to the Panadura Base Hospital. He, however, was pronounced dead by this time, a hospital official said, adding that he had passed on the way.


  1. There are so many experts running the show, including unelected PM. Ask Perera on the street or Silva to that matter and you will get the answer more you print the value goes down increasing the inflation and the prices of commodities. The vicious cycle has already on the move. In a few months one may need a sack to carry Rs. 100.000 notes like Rupiah of Indonesia. RW (MR. Zero), should listen to dead JRJ.

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