Feeding carnivores may soon become a problem – Zoo DG


In light of the impending food crisis, the National Zoological Gardens does not have an immediate back-up plan to feed carnivorous animals in zoos across the island because there is no substitute for meat.

Director-General of the National Zoological Gardens, Dr. Tilak Premakantha said that while supplies are adequate for the time being, feeding the carnivores may become a problem in the future. He highlighted that they are hoping to cover the cost of purchasing meat through the zoological preservation fund. “We would be grateful if someone is willing to fund it. We have no problems for the time being. However, we hope to manage our fund costs in the future. We will be able to buy meat for a reasonable price as well,” he added.

However, the department is growing grass, fruits, and vegetables on a 16-acre plot of land and looking for substitutes for certain expensive fruit items. “In response to these concerns, the National Zoological Gardens has begun growing their own produce to feed these animals.

The 16-acre site in Gonapola, Horana, will be fully developed. As a result, the National Zoological Gardens will begin cultivating grass, jackfruit, Kitul, and vegetables. They now have no choice but to grow their own food for the animals. However, a labour shortage remains a concern, but we will take steps to recruit the employees needed. It is planned to farm fish, livestock, and poultry in the area to feed the animals,” he noted.

BY Thameenah Razeek


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