76 Elephants killed in six years, 149 injured


The human-elephant conflict has claimed the lives of 76 elephants, in the Batticaloa District, within last six years, according to Additional District Secretary of Land Affairs, at Batticaloa District Secretariat, Navaroobarangsani Mugunthan.

She added that as a result of human elephant conflict, altogether 149 elephants had been injured in the district during the aforesaid period.

However, the human elephant conflict is still continuing in the Batticaloa District, according to Navaroobarangsani.

She added that the wild elephants had caused damage to 660 properties, including houses, stores, public structures and paddy cultivation, coconut plantations and plantain gardens.

The poultry farm functioning at 10thMile Post, in Unnichchai village, in the Chenkaladi Divisional Secretariat Division, was permanently closed down after it was completely damaged by wild elephants, Navaroobarangsani added.

By Naalir Jamaldeen