Ayurveda medicine hit by ingredients shortage


The Government Ayurveda Officers’ Association (GAOA) said due to scarcity of funds to import ingredients needed to produce ayurveda medicinal drugs, they are presently struggling to produce 237 dry and 136 raw ayurveda medicinal products.

This came to light during talks held with Health Committee Head Ruwan Wijewardene at Temple Trees recently. This committee was formed by the PM.

During this discussion, it was pointed out by GAOA officials that due to the forex crisis and delayed payments, suppliers were unable to access ingredients. Therefore, there is an acute shortage of ayurveda medicinal drugs at most ayurveda hospitals and centres islandwide.

They said presently there are 2,750 registered ayurveda doctors and of that figure, 1,100 are Regional Health Officers.

The GAOA officials said the priority is not importing medicinal drugs, but for the Government to intervene and step up production of ayurveda medicinal drugs locally.

By Sanduni Gamarachchi