Traders claim rice mill owners ignoring Govt’s certified price


Several major rice mill owners have implemented a new system through which they are attempting to earn illegal profits by selling rice at prices well above the Government’s stipulated certified price.

Rice traders claimed that the big mill owners had subtly resorted to this tactic by skirting the certified price for rice and selling it at exorbitant prices to black market traders.

They charged that these big time rice mill owners had managed to evade the law and its enforcement officers through their subtle tactics where a kilo of rice is being sold to traders at Rs 260 to 270. Due to this situation most rice traders had give up selling local rice varieties and are now in the process of selling only imported rice.

Therefore, these rice traders urged the Government to intervene and ensure that rice stocks from major rice mill owners are purchased and then sold at the market at the certified price to overcome this worsening situation.

By K. K. Ariyadasa – Dambulla