Rotaracters clean up Dehiwala beach


A beach cleanup organised by the Rotaract Club, of the American National College, was held on the 7 June covering around 200 metres of the Dehiwala beach.

The beach gets a lot of visitors and usually has a big crowd on weekends and special holidays. Some visitors are responsibly cautious but some aren’t; causing intentional and unintentional harm to the ecosystem. Even though it may not sound important now, future generations will face respiratory problems and the lack of good diet as a result of polluted beaches. Furthermore, fish is one of the most nutritious sources of nutrients and vitamins to lead a healthy and happy life.

Keeping that in mind, the Rotaract Club of American National College contributed to help the local ecosystem. The club collected nearly five bags of litter. With the help of some visitors, the club was able to clean more than they expected.