Renewable energy takes a backseat


Electricity supply to the country led by low cost and clean renewable energy (RE) took a backseat for the second day in four days for the first time for the year to Sunday with the waning of the South West (SW) Monsoonal rains, Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) data of yesterday (13) showed.

While RE provided over 50 per cent of Sri Lanka’s electricity needs on Friday and Saturday, however, on Thursday (9) and on Sunday (12) it was under 50 per cent, with the balance electricity needs of Sri Lanka met by the dirty and more expensive fossil fuels.

RE supplies in percentage terms on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday were 45.56, 55.48, 54.56 and 49.76 per cent. Prior to Thursday, for 30 consecutive days, beginning on 10 May and ending last Wednesday (8), over 50 per cent of the island’s electricity needs were met by RE led by the monsoonal rains. Meanwhile, the splits on Sunday’s total electricity supply needs were met by fossil fuels (50.24 per cent) and RE (49.76 per cent). Sri Lanka consumed a total amount of 36.31 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity on Sunday, of which 18.24 GWh comprised imported coal and the balance 18.07 GWh RE, CEB statistics showed.

Of the 18.07 GWh RE generated, that was led by ‘CEB Hydro’ (11.93 GWh), followed by ‘CEB Wind’ (2.14 GWh), ‘Private Sector Mini Hydro’ (1.77 GWh), ‘Private Sector Wind Electricity’ (1.74 GWh), ‘Private Sector Biomass’ (0.27 GWh) and ‘Private Sector Solar’ (0.22 GWh), CEB data showed.

By Paneetha Ameresekere