RCGC honours Radha Sundarampillai


Radha Sundarampillai who did yeoman service for the underprivileged children, has been recognised by RCGC for her hard work over a period of 40 years.

RCGC neighbourhood is characterised by poverty-stricken slums whose inhabitants – adults and children – are surrounded by the many social evils that attend abject poverty, both as victims and as perpetrators. For most of them, and especially the children, escaping from this ‘poverty trap’ was an elusive dream.

She used her position as Lady Captain in 1981 to popularise and promote golf amongst young people and the first Junior Clinic of the RCGC was born.  As part of her long-term strategy, she approached the Royal and Ancient Golf Development Section in Scotland, seeking their assistance to have the children coached by fully qualified golf professionals. She also had a special practice pitching area built for their use.

RCGC Junior Clinic continued to bring together children of different social and ethnic backgrounds on an equal footing.  An unexpected but very welcome spin-off of her efforts was that the children from poorer families were afforded a wider world view and were encouraged to take advantage of the country’s free education system to widen their educational and career aspirations and to ‘dream big’ in planning and achieving a better future for themselves and their families.

By Special Correspondent